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    Advanced Probiotic 120 Capsules


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    The Answer To Prevent Disease & Maintain A Healthy Digestive Tract!

    What are Probiotics?

    The answer to a healthy digestive tract. The word ?probiotic? is derived from the Greek meaning "for life." The human gastrointestinal tract is home to more than 400 types of resident probiotics, also known as "friendly" or beneficial bowel bacteria, gut microorganisms, or intestinal flora. These "friendly" microorganisms protect the GI tract and keep us healthy by protecting us from "unfriendly" microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, yeasts, and fungi that cause disease. They also improve immune system function, and have many other health benefits.

    Within every human being is a flourishing, living colony of approximately four pounds of these friendly probiotics. Most of them reside in the digestive tract although some are found elsewhere (i.e. the oral cavity, throat, etc.). Without a sufficient number of good probiotics, human life would cease to exist. Consequently, if humans fail to maintain a sufficient number of probiotics in the body, disease will occur.

    It is extremely important for us to cultivate and maintain a healthy colony of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, one that is composed mainly of several strains of living lactic acid bacteria. Ideally, the colony of microflora should be composed of a ratio of 85% friendly bacteria to 15% harmful bacteria. The regular consumption of a high quality probiotic product that contains numerous strains of living lactic acid bacteria or consumption of homeostatic organisms (HSOs) derived from the soil, produce bacteria that will enhance a person's efforts to maintain a healthy colony of bacteria in the digestive tract. They help prevent or reduce the effect of an infection caused by a pathogenic organism, as they are beneficial, nutritional and therapeutic.

    Probiotics derived from the soil differ from those found in the digestive tract as they are very hardy, not destroyed by stomach acids and are transitory in the digestive tract. While they are present in the gut, they clear out receptor sites and assist in eliminating pathogenic organisms like yeast and fungi, bacteria and parasites. These probiotic bacteria help digest lactose, regulate peristalsis and bowel movements, and transform protein into free-form amino acids. In addition, probiotics produce enzymes that help break down and digest food.

    During birth, probiotics from the mother's birth canal colonize the infant's gut, and thereafter are provided by mother's milk. After infancy, resident probiotics are supplied to us by raw foods, lactic acid bacteria-fermented foods and probiotic supplements.

    Vita Labs Probiotic contains:
    • Probiotic Bacteria 5.06 Billion Organisms
    • Bacilus Subtillus 1.32 Billion
    • L. Rhamnosus 680 Million
    • B. Longum 680 Million
    • L. Casei 680 Million
    • L. Acidophilus 680 Million
    • L. Plantarum 340 Million
    • B. Breve 680 Million

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