X-TEND Male Penis Enhancement Formula 60 Tablets

X-TEND Male Penis Enhancement Formula 60 Tablets

X-TEND Male Penis Enhancement Formula 60 Tablets
Enlarge Your Penis Naturally With "X-TEND".

Using X-Tend will: Improve penile blood flow* Improve your sexual ability* Improve your sexual performance* Increase your size* Improve ejaculation strength.

Male enhancement is now a reality. Recently, a group of physicians discovered an extremely effective specific herbal formulation which causes enhanced erection strength, improved orgasm control and an increase in erect penis size.

Because of their dedication, there is a proven solution to increased erection size and improved sexual performance. There is now available without prescription a safe, natural, effective and guaranteed male enhancement solution to improved ejaculation ability, increased penis size and the ability to have better sex.

A group of physicians along with the help of experts in nutritional and andrological science have developed a male enhancement formula which leads to enhanced size, improved sexual performance, increased pleasure for your partner Improved self-esteem and confidence. Increased libido at the same time without penis surgery or penis pumps.

If you were able to easily obtain all of the above don't you think you'd be more confident, more secure, and perhaps happier?

Natural Male Enhancement - Science's Answer

It's more than possible to quickly and safely achieve all of the above with X-Tend scientifically formulated natural male enhancement pills.

Our natural male enhancement products were scientifically formulated to help enhance erection size and increase sexual performance abilities. X-Tend male enhancement supplements have been shown to improve sexual performance through increased penile erection size along with stronger, firmer erections and increased libido. Most men using our natural male enhancement program report an increase in erection size and fullness from 10 to 31%, with an average reported increase of 24%.

Clients also discover suddenly the additional benefits of increased sexual virility, increased energy, and improved sexual stamina. With X-Tend supplements, hope is now here. Male enhancement, size, pleasure, and performance are finally possible.

Natural male enhancement seekers have an effective, reliable answer for improved size, increased erection strength, improved prostate health and increased sexual performance.


Your penis has 3 chambers which fill with blood during an erection. These chambers are a collection of blood vessels which become swollen with blood during sexual arousal. The corpa cavernosa consists of two spongy bodies of erectile tissue on either side of the penis. An erection is caused by blood filling the erectile tissues. But what if the erectile tissues were made larger? What if you could somehow expand the size of the erectile tissues? Then of course the erectile tissues would hold more blood and you would have a significantly larger penis. Blow up a balloon with more air and you have a larger balloon. Fill the erectile tissues with more blood and you have a larger penis. That's exactly what X-Tend PILLS do. No effort is needed on your part, that means no exercising, stretching or pumping. X-Tend PILLS expand the erectile tissues and fill the erectile tissues with a larger supply of blood so that your penis will gain up to 3.5 inches in what has been described as a miracle.

X TEND Contains: Zinc 50mg, Yohimbe Bark 500 mg, Maca 250mg, L Arginine 500 mg, Koren/ Siberian Ginseng 125mg and a proprietary blend 745 mg of Oat Straw, Catauba,muira puama,Nettle, Oyster Meat,Orchic, Cayenne Pepper, Tribulus, Sarsaparilla,Astragalus,Pumkin seed, Licorice and Boron

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement take two tablets daily.

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